Since 1990, OBD has manufactured fine beds and furniture, handcrafted to each customer’s specifications.  OBD procures US hardwoods and steel and coordinates all the processes from iron work, foundry work, hand-carving, and handcrafting to the delivery of one-of-a-kind furniture designs.  Nick and Gretchen Gabrielli bonded their cultures; his of Argentine aristocratic elegance and hers of Southern simplicity and charm to form their company, OBD|Biscayne Designs.


Wesley Hall

Wesley Hall’s commitment starts at the top but certainly does not end there. The depth of talent and experience of our employees are the driving forces behind our success. Each of 200+ employees plays a vital role in Wesley Hall’s daily life & success. At Wesley Hall, the dedication and importance of our people are the keys to giving our clients a high level of personal support and involvement. Our craftsmen pride themselves in delighting our clients and making their creativity a reality – a very comfortable reality at that.


Abner Henry

World-Class Furniture.

Abner Henry is and always will be unique in the world of furniture.

We constantly strive to deliver the highest quality possible.

A big part of Abner Henry is to create memorable experiences for our clients and their families….