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Currey & Company

Currey & Company delivers a unique design vision that makes our chandeliers, lamps and furniture shine.

Historical influences, including twentieth century classics, are tweaked with imagination. Every detail of design is executed with clarity and finesse. We deliver products that show the touch of the human hand. You see the stroke of the painter’s brush and the mark of the blacksmith’s hammer. Our rich multistep finishes and fine craftsmanship are the results of time consuming handwork. We deliver real products crafted of natural materials – porcelain, iron, seashells, wood, and more. These appealing materials take more effort and patience, but the results stand out in an artificial world. We deliver an up to date catalog and website so that you can review the current product line anytime. We deliver customer orders on a timely basis. We invest in inventory and manage our business in such a way that we can craft a superior product and still provide exemplary service to our customers. What can we deliver for you?

American Eye Inventory

thumbnail of Alesandria Table Lamp [2]thumbnail of Bankshire Table Lamp [3]thumbnail of Cygnas Table Lamp [4]thumbnail of Dawney Table Lamp [5]thumbnail of Eldath Table Lamp [6]thumbnail of Handler Table Lamp [7]thumbnail of Hatira Table Lamp [8]thumbnail of Holland Table Lamp [9]thumbnail of Imbricate Table Lamp [10]thumbnail of Kayth Table Lamp [11]thumbnail of Leona Table Lamp [12]thumbnail of Malaprop Table Lamp [13]thumbnail of Monterey Table Lamp [14]thumbnail of Quayside Table Lamp [15]thumbnail of Strayer Table Lamp [16]thumbnail of Trace Table Lamp [17]thumbnail of Yoshis Blue Table Lamp [18]