Gloster first made a name for itself as a company by producing finely made, classically styled, all-teak outdoor furniture. These timeless designs still make up a portion of what Gloster produces, but in the years since the company’s founding they have grown to produce much more than just all-teak furniture.

Gloster now earns its reputation as one of the world’s top outdoor furniture producers through the use of a variety of the highest quality materials and through longstanding relationships with its stable of world-class furniture designers.

While Gloster’s design styles may have changed over the years, the focus on producing resilient and durable outdoor furniture has not. Every piece of Gloster furniture is designed to be fully weather resistant and to be left outside all year round.


Mr. Brown London

Mr. Brown is a talent scout….Our product is hand crafted, which makes each piece unique and no two items identical; every customer receives a piece of their own. Styling with Mr. Brown in any home adds a hit of cheekiness, in addition to its chic appeal, making every piece a conversation starter…

American Eye Inventory

thumbnail of Amanda Table Lampthumbnail of Annella Chestthumbnail of Beatrix Arm Chairsthumbnail of Beatrix Side Chairsthumbnail of Belmont Small Tall Bar Cabinetthumbnail of Hamilton Table Lampthumbnail of Holmby Sideboardthumbnail of Jensen Round Side Tablethumbnail of Lombardi Mid-Size Cabinetthumbnail of Luca Cabinetthumbnail of Notre Loveseatthumbnail of Prades Sofa Table (no image available)thumbnail of Tangmere Demilune Console