Old Wood Company

The Old Wood Co. specializes in using the finest old reclaimed wood available. Along with environmentally friendly and health conscious finishing methods, company-wide recycling/up-cycling efforts, and ethical business practices we strive to give our customers the quality and service they expect and deserve.

In 2007, founder Darren Green wanted to develop a different company – one that considered both environmentally and socially conscious issues. It was not a fad or a buzzword, it was the idea that businesses should care about the origin of the product they sell; the materials, the labor, all should be considered. Having worked in the home furnishing industry since 1999, Darren saw firsthand how quickly the Asian import market virtually destroyed the domestic manufacturing of the home furnishing industry, which has been so vital to the people of  North Carolina. He realized that what made a product special was the quality of materials, the uniqueness of the design, customization options, and high level of service.

  • Use of old, reclaimed lumber taken from structures deemed irreparable
  • Water, whey-based and other nontoxic finishes
  • Eco-safe and health-conscious oils and waxes
  • Use of recycled steel
  • Steel powder coat finishing method (zero VOCs)
  • Recycled and mostly recyclable packaging materials
  • Company-wide recycling and energy-efficiency efforts
  • Use of recycled paper on company literature
  • Paperless accounting and bookkeeping system
  • Donation of sawdust to local farms
  • Use of LED lighting in 95% of the woodshop